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First and foremost, we have chosen to maintain a small firm to best serve our clients. There are many types of family law firms out there. more...

One Size Family Law Does Not Fit All

At The Law Office of Anna C. Brace we understand that your family law case is different and we do not treat each case the same. more...

Each Of Our Family Law Cases Has An Action Plan

At your initial consultation, we discuss your needs and the items which must be accomplished to meet your goals. more...


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The Law Offices of Anna C. Brace has been established to provide personable, caring help to individuals in need of aggressive assistance with family law matters. Our down to earth style in providing advice, guidance, and an understanding of the legal divorce processes will allow you to feel at ease. You can be confident that your matter is being handled with the utmost diligence and that our office is zealously representing you. With offices in both North and South Orange County we can ease some of the burden of the divorce process. Call our office at (949) 253-3700 for a free initial consultation today to meet Anna and her team.

Anna and her staff believe in fully informing their clients of the facts, the law, and possible outcomes in their Orange County Divorce/Family Law matter. Anna finds that clients are much more at ease when they understand the process and the steps needed to finalize the process. Anna will spend a great deal of time with clients not just explaining the law, but also describing the process including what to expect in Orange County Family Law Court.

The Law Offices of Anna C. Brace work as a team to meet your needs. Our entire staff is at your service to provide information, experience, and insight in your matter. Anna and her staff keep clients informed. All items prepared by our office or forwarded to our office are immediately forwarded to the client so that the client has a complete file of their matter. We believe that you deserve not only to see the progress but also to understand each and every step.

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