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Child Support

Child support in California is calculated using complex computer programs called Dissomaster and XSpouse. These programs use information regarding the number of children, the number of federal deductions each party claims, each party’s income, health insurance costs, and other federal income tax deductions, as well as the percentage of time each party spends with the child. The program calculates the California Guideline Support in each individual case.

To review these programs, please see our Relevant Links to both Dissomaster and Xspouse which contain free trial downloads. However, child support issues can be extremely
complex. Exemptions such as mortgage interest, healthcare expenses, and support paid from other relationships can change the Guideline Support calculations.

Consult with a professional regarding California Guideline Support. Call our office for a free consultation. We will not only calculate support in your individual matter, but sit down and explain all the variables and how they can affect your child support bottom line. Such preparation beforehand allows you the knowledge to negotiate effectively.